Style Feature: Introducing Lauren Hardy

This week I decided to do a little feature to jazz things up. I give you Lauren Hardy. Lauren is my pal, model, a mum (or mom), blogger, fellow Giraffe and a very stylish young lady. I thought it might be nice to get some international flavour (Lauren is Canadian) in style as well as just general coolness! She’s also one of the few beings who pull of the mum role with some seriously enviable ease…

…My name is Lauren Hardy and I am a fashion model and mom in Toronto, Canada. I met Mel back in New York when we were with the same agency. We spent a couple of wonderful months together and continued our friendship ever since. After we separated in New york, a few years went by, I went to Australia for work and we met again. I have loved maintaining a friendship with her via social medial. I started my own blog about a year ago and was thrilled when Mel started her own and asked me to write a little something.



I’ve gone from fashion model to fashion model mom, so I must say that my look, or style, has transformed a little. Before I was a mom, I had the time to put together nice outfits. I was never scared of wearing beautiful fabrics. Pre-baby, I never thought I fit into a “particular style,” I wore what was comfortable and transitioned through different styles weekly or even monthly.

Today, as mom. I need a comfortable style, an easy style and a style that looks good but is also effortless… something that can handle a little baby vomit, or breast milk without ruining the garment.

My go to style now is more of an urban, street looks as opposed to the really put-together chic look.

And I am totally ok with that.

I have a few pairs of jeans from Zara that I absolutely love, they look a bit washed out with holes throughout them. They are a skinny jean, but not the really “tight tight” skinny jean, so they are super comfortable. I have to say, I do love Zara Basic knits, and t-shirts. Super casual but you can still dress them up. So, I wear a lot of stripped or pleated comfy long sleeve shirts.

The other love of my life – the over-sized sweater, is something I rarely leave the house without. I feel as though it completes my style. I love to be cozy and warm and I have the MOST amazing oversized sweater from Scotch and Soda. I usually complete the look with a basic black flat, or a pair of hipster brown lace up ankle boots. If it’s cold out I always wear a hat.  Black, pink, green, yellow. I throw on whichever color I’m feeling that day. I don’t like to think too much about my style. I throw on what feels right and what is comfortable, and I make it work.

How I stay fit:


I am a very busy working mom, so it’s hard for me to find time to get to the gym. With that said, being fit is very important to me so I MAKE time for it. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, if not more. Every time I go, I start with a 5km run. Yes, every time. That usually takes me 25-30 minutes. After that I do 25 sit ups, 25 leg lifts and 1:30 pf planking. I do this x 3.  I’m in and out of the gym in 1 hour. It’s completely manageable, even if I have to go at 10:00pm, which I often do. As a breastfeeding mom, I burn 500 calories a day alone, nursing (bonus!) So that helps too! If I’m being honest, I truly eat whatever I want, when ever I want it. With that said, I don’t eat crap all day. I love good food but I eat relatively healthy. I love chocolate and I love popcorn. I love bread, pasta and all things carbs. I do not limit myself in anyway, but I also naturally do not over do anything. Everything in moderation my friends.

My Skin care routine


As a model, I am constantly having makeup put on my face, so when I am not working I rarely put anything on my skin. If I am leaving the house, I will conceal under the eyes (mom bags), apply mascara, and throw on some lip gloss. I wash my face every night (not every morning because washing too much will dry your skin out) I apply moisturizer night and day because my skin is on the drier side. My biggest beauty tip is to DRINK WATER. And lot’s of it. I’ve notice a HUGE correlation between drinking water and my skin. When I drink water, lot’s of it, my skin is amazing. When I don’t, I definitely get breakouts. Needless to say, I try to drown myself in water every day.

What’s in my hand bag?

  • EOS lipbalm
  • My mini polaroid camera
  • Nude lipstik
  • 1 litre glass bottle of water
  • Blue marc jacobs wallet

I think the secret to good style is to not over think it. Wear what you want to wear and try not to follow any trends too closely. You want your style to be your own.

Mel, thanks for having me at Giraffe Style.



Lauren Hardy

One thought on “Style Feature: Introducing Lauren Hardy

  1. Love this article Mel, some great insight into the everyday routines of a stylish yet down-to-earth mum. Lauren is gorgeous and a great example of someone who leads a busy, practical and full life but still makes time for fitness and style in her own effortless way. Definitely stealing some skin and fitness tips from her! #StyleEnvy

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