The Greatness of the One-Piece Swimsuit


I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a die-hard one-piece swimsuit fan.

I am not justifying my position because I am “hiding” parts of my body, am a prude, or can’t find bikinis that I like. In fact, I do think by being a bit taller, aka Giraffe, the one-piece is quite flattering overall.

Height aside, I am a devoted fan of the one-piece every summer!

I have tried several styles of swimwear but often find myself back at the one-piece rack.

Naturally, men don’t get it (what do they get about women though?).

“So, like, I thought one-pieces were for fat girls?” a guy once said to me.

Erm, no. Good one.

But I guess it’s pretty simple for men, their choices for women basically include excessive amounts of flesh and… that’s probably it!

Of course, changing it up is the name of the game, humans get bored and invariable want something new. I think most Aussie girls have at least two swimsuits on rotation each summer…along with 5 pairs of sunnies, denim shorts etc. Most recently I dabbled with a Missoni for Target bikini for the colours, which was quite flattering (and also inexpensive as bonus). I quite like Seafolly bikinis also.

Personally, I just feel more comfortable with a bit more material. I’m okay with how I look most of the time, but in a one-piece I don’t have to worry about that bowl of pasta I ate at lunch protruding from my abdomen, or feel as though I have to do ten more core workouts that week so my waist rivals that of Lily Aldridge.

In saying that, there are some gorgeous cut-outs and styles you can get in a one-piece which are hardly manufactured with more material that their two-piece counterparts.

At the moment, my personal favourites are from Isola by Megan Gale and Victoria’s Secret.

If you don’t feel you can pull off the one-piece, I also suggest adding accessories such as kaftans, over-sized button down shirts, beach shorts and sarongs.

Happy swimming! Let me know your thoughts!

Mel xo




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