Tall Celebrity Style Feature

In keeping with blog theme tradition, I thought I would honour a few other Giraffe style celebrities.

I narrowed it down to a top 3 (in no particular order) for this week’s post.

There aren’t a huge amount of tall celebrities, especially actresses it seems, considering a lot of male actors are quite short, including certain couch jumping action heroes previously married to Nicole Kidman. I guess that leaves little room for hiring 6 ft. plus Amazons.

Of course, there are plenty of models to choose from, so I’ll follow up and include different models and celebrities each month.

So I round up my top 3 to include in this post for the Giraffe Style appreciation post.

1. Cameron Diaz

courtesy of Pop Sugar
diaz single
Google Images

Cammy may be on the small side of tall at 5ft 9in, but in the celebrity world she’s one of the towering heavy-weights demanding the best movie roles.

She pulls of the casual look so well and manages to look chic while still wearing flats.

She is also often caught wearing jeans and other pants, something I think that tall girls should embrace provided you can find any long enough!

I really love her laid-back, natural style as demonstrated above.

2. Taylor Swift

Image Nick Kids

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny 5ft 10in Taylor looks pretty damn good.

Maybe it has something to do with her steady list of model pals, but not only has she appeared to lose half her body weight recently, her style has evolved from the cute country singer to glam, glossy songtress.

Taylor is super feminine with her choices and definitely chooses to accentuate her lovely long limbs with shorter hemlines and fitted dresses.

3. Elle Macpherson

Image La Modella Mafia
Image La Modella Mafia
Image Zimbio
Image Zimbio

Finally, coming in at 6ft, “The Body” sure knows how to dress for style and not just to show off her (still) enviable physique.

Personally, I’m not into the “dressing for men” look that some girls cannot leave alone!

My main goal in life isn’t to attract hoards of men everytime I walk down the street, and Elle masters the stylish but casual day-wear with ease.

I love her slightly androgynous, slightly messy street-style that is both relaxed and stylish.

Again, Elle seems to be a lover of pants, and like Diaz is often seen wearing flats.


Next month I’ll post another 3 favourites!

If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know!

Mel xo








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