A “Fascinating” Melbourne Cup

melbourne cup bench
Getting my pose on!


I went to a Melbourne Cup lunch yesterday, as I do every year.

The day, as usual, was a fun affair with some lovely fillies (mind the pun) and it’s always nice to get dressed up and wear something you could never get away with any other time of the year (yes, I’m referring to fascinators).

I also somehow managed to win the “Best Dressed” which is nice. Even though everyone looked so good I have no idea how they picked me!

Including one of my friends who is entering Miss Universe WA this year (featured in photo).

Fashion and beauty aside, the day was tainted somewhat by reports of two of the horses deaths post race.

As naïve as it may sound, I was unaware of what happens to race horses behind the scenes. However, this is not an animal rights blog so I must move on.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints at the moment I was unable to purchase a new outfit for the day. Besides, I am not one for the motto that you can “only wear an outfit once.”

If I can’t wear something 98 times and love it then I’m not really interested in buying it in the first place!

And unless your name is Gina Rinehart I doubt many can afford to, either!

The skirt and top are both by Thurley and the fascinator from Lovisa.

So my morning consisted of:

  • Fake Tan by Bondi Sands. I just lightly apply the “dark” shade as I really hate the too tanned look
  • I tend to stick to the same couple of makeup styles for any events. I kind of know what works and rarely stray for greener pastures. I used MAC foundation for my face, a random liquid liner from the chemist which I don’t even think has a brand name, Stila eyeshadow in a pretty lilac, some NARS Laguna bronzer, Rimmel mascara and NARS red lipstick
  • Hair quickly blow dried. I just ran some Kerastase heat protectant through the ends to protect them from heat damage
  • V05 voluminising powder. This powder is so great. I sprinkle a little in my hands and distribute through my roots and mid-lengths. Awesome for straight, fine hair like mine to give a bit of body
  • The fascinator was picked out by my mum, who always manages to find cute things in unexpected places! My one just sits on like a headband, so the maintenance in terms of styling was low. I swept the longest side (my hair was parted on the side) off my face with a twist and pinned it
  • Since I’m on a self-imposed no nail polish ban for six months, they were left bare. I’m sure there are many judging me right now!

So the end result was something like this. Not bad for an old “filly.”

Melbourne cup phoebe
The end result with my Miss Universe contestant, Phoebe.

Mel xo


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