A Goldilocks Breakfast in Yellow

yellow outfit

Finding an outfit in Spring can be confusing at the best of times, but lately Perth’s weather has made it ever more difficult for choosing daywear.

Perth’s weather has been a little unpredictable lately.

I feel as though I am back in Melbourne (woo hoo)!

Not that I am complaining, however, as our usually scorching-hot Spring season does nothing to inspire me.

The only downside of the season’s current state is the uncertainty when it comes to choosing what to wear each morning.

Like most people at the moment, I end up either jumping the gun and dressing for snow, or anticipating blue skies and somehow end up either shivering or sweltering all day long. Neither is ideal!

Mum and I went out for breakfast yesterday morning as we often do on the weekend, and I believe I may have finally found the perfect combination.

Just as the fairy tale suggests; “not too hot, not too cold” is ideal even when it comes to fashion.

If Goldilocks was picking the perfect spring outfit for Perth at the moment, I bet she would applaud my Saturday efforts.

The dress-shirt is one I had tailored for my weird and lengthy proportions and the shorts are by Cameo. My shoes I found at a Billy & Rose sale last year and my necklace is cow bone from Tinkeredby.

So basically, slightly warmer on top and breezy on the legs left me “not too hot and not too cold…Just right!”

What are your favourite spring items/outfits at the moment?

Mel xo


Side note: The garden gift store (feature in image) in South Perth is super cute for anyone who loves trinkets and gardening!


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