Top 5 Long Jeans For Tall Women

I LOVE jeans, well, I love pretty much all pants. But the opportunity to talk denim definitely gets me excited.

As mentioned in previous posts, the pursuit for finding pants which actually fit (length-wise) is a life-long challenge for any female over about 5ft 11in.

The same goes for larger-sized shoes, but I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway, since I’m always banging on about it, I thought I may as well help my fellow Giraffes find their jean niche.

1. Cheap Monday

Me in Cheap Monday jeans

They offer a nice 34in leg which fits well for people around 6ft. They could easily be worn with a heel or boot and not leave your ankles exposed! I only discovered these recently as my sister gave me a pair, so I’m thanking her right now!

2. Jeanswest


Jeans West have created an Extra Long Women’s Jean line for women over 5ft 11in. FINALLY. Seriously, why was this not done sooner? I’m yet to try these but they will definitely be next.

3. Old Navy

old navy
Rockstar Super Skinny

Caters for petite and tall, with a “Jeans For Tall Women” section available online which also ships to Australia. My favourite is the Rockstar Super Skinny.

4. Mavi


Also offering 34in leg. I’m eyeing off their “Sophie” mid-rise, stone washed straight version. I own a black, mid-rise pair myself.

5. Nobody Denim

Nobody me
Me in Nobody Jeans

These jeans are borderline for me. I probably would struggle to wear them with heels or boots, as seen above. I prefer to wear them with a flat shoe.


So there’s my list of the top 5 (that i’ve discovered) so far.

If anyone has any that I have missed or overlooked, please let me know!

Mel xo




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