Prints and Denim On A Budget


Outfit of the Weekend

I was stoked to find this printed Shakuhachi high-low top at an op shop the other day. I’ve always had a thing for animal print. I was shocked it came in my size as I am usually a bit of an op shop flop.

Every time I find something nice in a vintage store it’s usually either ridiculously small or ridiculously large.

Especially shoes, I swear only size 7 shoes are stocked at those places!

As usual, I went to the markets this morning to eat amazing food, drink good coffee and look for cutie trinkets.


My sister gave me a pair of Cheap Monday jeans and I can’t believe how lucky I am because they’re super long in the leg and comfy.

Aside from my shoes, I was not wearing anything “new” this morning, so thought I would share this weekends budget outfit.

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Top: Shakuhachi

Bag: Vintage Miu Miu Nappa Charm

Shoes: Zomp


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