Perth Now, Not So Fashion Forward Wardrobe Tips

In rebuttal of the Perth Now post defaming various much-loved wardrobe items such as ugg boots, Birkenstocks and high-waisted denim shorts. Oh the atrocity!

Unfortunately, summer is looming. And while I do agree this tends to mean some very suspect fashion choices (too much skin, anyone?), I personally feel as though has got it all wrong!

DISCLAIMER: This post is meant to be taken in a light-hearted manner and what I post here is entirely my own opinion.

1. Birkenstocks

One word. YES! I LOVE these shoes. Quite frankly, I can’t believe Perth Now could put Birkenstocks on the ‘No’ list. If any shoes should be listed here it has to be rubber double-pluggers!

I understand they have a practical purpose in our climate and I will attract a fair bit of hate from fellow Aussies for bringing down the staple of many wardrobes, however, I find them gross.

Birkenstocks are made with leather, so they are fairly durable (my first pair lasted about 5 years and they replace them when they get tacky anyway) not to mention they are extremely comfortable and who doesn’t love a flat? I also have to disagree with the statement, “…they are so bloody on-trend that in a year’s time you’ll be embarrassed to be seen chucking them in the Vinnies bin.” I hate to break it to you, but generally people who wear Birkenstocks have been doing so for a long time. I bought my first pair 10 years ago after my sister introduced me.

And hey, if they’re good enough for Heidi Klum, they’re good enough for moi.


2. High-waisted denim butt shorts

I do understand where the girls are coming from with this one. When teamed with a cleavage-baring crop top and teens are wearing them in packs, it does get a little much for the eyes to endure.

highwaisted denim

However, I am a fan of these shorts when they are styled appropriately. Yes, keeping the butt cheeks to the bare minimum is essential, but you can’t deny they look awesome on the right people and with the right top.

3. Men’s shoes with no socks

This is a no-brainer. Absolutely gross! Athletes Foot, anyone?

4. Ugg boots in public

Don’t lie, we all do it!

I’m not suggesting it should be a go-to look for your next hot date, but who doesn’t love bumming around in uggs while grabbing Saturday morning groceries? Or rocking up to a cafe breakfast in winter with your uggies, trackies and a scarf combo?


Okay, maybe that’s just me! But if you haven’t tried it, I seriously suggest you get on that ASAP!

5. Culottes

This almost skirt, almost pant is a tad confusing.

I also understand why some people find them abhorrent.

I just have to be bias on this one, however, as I love pants and think these are just sooo cute!

You don’t seem them around that often anyway, well, in Perth atleast, which makes them all the cooler IMO.


6. These items from the 90s

Bucket hats, leather chokers, overalls, crop tops, flatforms.

Hmmm. Bucket hats are a no for me. It may be due to my “pin-head” but they just look ridiculous, so I have to agree with the Perth Now folk here.

Leather chokers should be left in the 90s too. I remember having one when I was a child and thinking I was really cool. Lets just leave that memory where it belongs.

Overalls. Two words: Camel toe. Okay, perhaps it’s my Giraffe body type but I have tried to wear these babies and the result ain’t pretty. I have seen them look uber cute on some people though.

Flatforms are also my deal. I think they’re cute, no other reason.



So while I do agree with some of the Perth Now team’s opinions, I do believe they are a little harsh in their assessment.

Besides, fashion is all about what you enjoy and what you’re comfortable in.

So if your entire wardrobe is based on the “no” list, be comfortable with your decision.

Mel xo


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