Hippie Bags and Why They Are Awesome

Gypsy River

The cute accessory you don’t need to break the bank for.

I’ve always loved to add a touch of hippie to my wardrobe.

I went though a massive hippie phase in my teens, loving those flowy skirts and chunky belts (a little cringe-worthy).

Not that I am about to revive that idea anytime soon! I have definitely learnt my limits since then.

I do, however, enjoy mixing it up with those pieces you generally reserve for trips to Thailand and Bali because they’re cheap and you can buy them EVERYWHERE there.

At the moment, I’m loving the clutches and bags.

The best thing about the hippie vibe is you can spend as much or as little as you like on what you want.

Much of this style can be found on Asian holidays and weekend markets, looking very similar to the more expensive versions of this theme.

Lately there has been a surge of “designer” clutches and bags blending hippie with finer quality materials.

I’ve spotted a few around the place and thought I would share them on here.

I like pairing the ethnic, hippie, tribal, whatever you wish to refer to it as, with more basic clothing, like jeans and a t-shirt or maxi dress. Just to mix it up a bit!

As I said, the amount you spend really is up to you, with little difference in appearance to the untrained eye between cheap market varieties and the finer quality.

For example, Gypsy River offers gorgeous accessories and home furnishings by Melbourne designer Kerrie Nelson.

Her prices range from $30 to over $250.

Whereas, the market finds range from about $10 to $70, depending on size and style.

No doubt, I’ll probably end up with one of each!

Mel xo

Spider Lily slouch bag
freo markets bag
Fair Trade Hilltribe bag
Market purses
Market pouch
Gypsy River embellished clutch


Asos oversized shopper
Asos oversized shopper


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