Boyfriend Jeans: A Tall Girl’s Bestie

Wearing the White Version of Everyone’s Favourite Boyfriend and Why Tall Girl’s Love Them!

IMG_0820 (2)
Seed Heritage White Boyfriend Jeans

When I first saw these lovely jeans, I was more than a little hesitant.

Not just because they were completely white, I am also a late conformer to the whole “Boyfriend Jean” phenomenon.

I like the over-sized version and think they look beautiful on very slim women. Since I wouldn’t quite put myself in that category, I held off a bit from buying.

Not to mention – WHITE. How the hell was I to keep them clean?!

Anyway, with a little prodding from the retail assistant and some umming from myself, I finally went ahead with it.

And I LOVE them!

As you can fiddle with the length – wearing them both rolled up or down, the exact length doesn’t matter.

You can also wear a lower heel or just about any flats and they are still flattering when you still have giraffe genes on your side.

I enjoy teaming them with converse shoes and ballet flats mostly. I know many add heels too, which I think also looks divine, but I’d be a giant so will probably hold off on that one.

They’re very easy to style, however, I do believe the white have a more dressed up, polished feel than their tomboy blue counter-part.

The first time I tested them out I wore a white tee and white converse.

Oh, and a random giraffe scarf that mum gave me. I just had to.

Unbelievably, they came home without a speck of dirt or coffee stains!

Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas for wearing the BF jeans.

Mel xo




7 thoughts on “Boyfriend Jeans: A Tall Girl’s Bestie

    1. I’m 6ft 1. I think it’s a nice height. I’ve always liked being tall and I’ve played bball for a lot of years which is an asset for height too. How tall are you?

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