Bare Face, Bold Lip Beauty


bare makeup

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m a lazy girl when it comes to maintaining my appearance.

I have friends who are permanently flawless with their hair and makeup etc, but I look at them and just think, “OMG how exhausting!”

Not to say they don’t look gorgeous all the time – because they do. It’s just not my style to do it the same way.

I’ve always been a little chaotic and I think how I show my face to others kind of reflects that.

This is why the bold lip, bare face thing works for me. It “looks” like you’ve gone all out, but it’s all an illusion.

Brilliant, huh!

So this is how I go about it…

1. Prep: Wash face and moisturise as normal.

2. Face Base: Apply tinted moisturiser/powder/foundation whichever you prefer. I think tinted moisturiser is best personally because this day-time look isn’t meant to be polished, it also provides some dewy freshness. I really like Clinique City Block because (surprise surprise) it has great environmental and sun protection. For night time, however, a foundation is probably ideal.

3. Lighten Up: I usually use an illuminator of some description, just so I don’t look too contrasty. I like NARS, either The Multiple or a liquid illuminator. I smooth a little on my cheeks and forehead – but NOT too much or you end up looking like a disco ball. I’ve experienced that disaster before.

4. Eyes and Brows: I’ve noticed lately people have become obsessed with brows and refuse to leave the house without them  on-point. I sometimes use a pencil to fill mine in as they are quite sparse, but they aren’t overdrawn or reinventing a new shape.

As for eyes, this step I don’t always apply. At night, obviously I will add mascara to dress it up a little. During the day, I often go without. But whichever is fine. Sometimes I put something like Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour cream or Lucas’ Papaw Balm on my eyebrows and eyelashes so it gives you a bit of a glossy finish.

5. Le Lip! Okay, so finally lippie time. Again, I like NARS. I find they have great shades of reds and a variety of matte lipsticks. I also recently bought a beautiful Clinique lipstick from their Colour Surge Butter Soft range in Fresh Watermelon and it is seriously divine! So creamy and shiny without looking tacky.

lip sticks

I believe the bare face, bold lip is perfect for spring/summer also.

Having too much makeup on while it’s warm usually leads to streaks and smudges.

And seriously, it’s so simple! Why would you not give it a go?

Mel xo

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