Ready-to-Wear Coffee with Stripes


The weather has been pretty unpredictable in Perth this week, so choosing what to wear has been a bit of a challenge.

This confusion was definitely reflected in my choice of clothing at breakfast yesterday morning. I figured the sleeveless, striped Bassike shirt with jeans and cons plus a hat kind of covered all weather bases.

photo 1

As it turns out, it was ridiculously hot! At least I almost got it right.

I’m definitely a winter-girl when it comes to clothing, so forcing myself into sleeveless tops is more than a little depressing.

Besides, how could you not love scarves, boots, jeans, coats, knits etc!

Anyway, I bought myself a hat for the first time in a number of years – aside from the caps I wear in the sun or out running that is.

Now, I understand hats aren’t for everyone. I find people either love them or hate them.

For me it’s both practical and personal.

As a certified “sun-hater,” my spontaneous purchase was more about keeping rays off my face and less about looking good.

Alas, I must admit, I think it’s pretty cute!

So here was my hat debut.

Side note – hats are remarkable for covering up unbrushed/unwashed hair!



Mel xo

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