Sex and the City may be done, but SJP fashion lives on

SJP trench

I’m sorry, but I just love Sarah Jessica Parker.

I find people either love her or hate her, but I’ve most definitely been a fan since I first watched Hocus Pocus as a kid.

Sex and the City cemented her status for me. Like many, I’m obsessed with SATC and reciting quotes from the series’ many memorable lines with friends (mostly thanks to Samantha, of course!). Her style and fashion in the show were naturally a massive drawcard for admirers of the (mostly) female variety. I was always envious of her nice figure which seemed to look great in, well, everything.

I know the SATC fashion has been heavily documented (pink tutu, anyone?), but I felt nostalgic after witnessing SJP at Calvin Klein’s Collection runway show at New York Fashion Week last week and felt she deserved her own post.

I love how she let the trench do the talking. The divine electric blue is allowed to showcase while her accessories, hair and makeup were kept to a minimum. I feel over-complicating is a common error women make (again, this is just my personal opinion).

Lets just take a moment to reminisce!

satc1 rock satcgroup leopardandsequins images9TZUCFQO carrie3 carrie2 carriecheckedshirt carrieb carrie4



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