By Frank Coffee Scrub and How To Apply Fan Tan (properly)

Applying fake tan is messy business.

I’m not really a huge fake tan fan. Like most people, I have had my stages of course, however, like my hair I realise that your natural colour really is your friend.

Not to mention – the stuff stinks.

I loathe the appearance of poorly applied tan lotion. When someone is too dark/orange (which seems to be often) it just reminds me of butter chicken…or makes me think they’ve been splashing in satay.

The other no-no would be scaley, flakey tan which has scratched off around the feet and hands.

People around me know that I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to using sunscreen. Mum always drummed the importance of it into me from when I was little and except for a few slack summers, I’ve always stayed out of the sun. For this reason, I think that while poorly applied tan is a bad look, the alternative of sunbaking is worse.

Unlike most people who are sun-aware, I am NOT pink-toned and freckly. I love how people assume that you are only conscious of the sun if you can’t tan. I actually tan better than most thanks to good genes, I just know that when I am older I will kick myself if I look like (even more of) a crocodile handbag. This is why so many foreigners say Australians’ “look old” once we hit our late-twenties. We spend too much time in the sun.

I didn’t want to do a fake tan post, but then I remembered that; a) people are going to wear it so I may as well spread the good word and, b) I myself still wear it from time to time if there is an event on. Also, nowadays everyone takes photos. So if you’re slightly on the Casper side, you’re going to look even more translucent when the flash comes out. So I may as well stop with the hypocrisy!

So moving on to tips.

You will need:

1. Frank’s Coffee Scrub/loofah/dry body brush/similar to exfoliate whole body.

I normally use a dry body brush, but whatever you prefer is fine. I tried Frank’s coffee scrub for this post and finally can see what all the fuss is about! You can order online at for $14.95.


2. Lucas’ Papaw balm or Vaseline. This is for ankles, elbows, knees, etc.

3. A sponge or tanning mitt. I recently discovered a sponge is amazing for smooth application. No streaks!

4. Obvs, fake tan. I like Bondi Sands foam or St Tropez, but really most of the chemist brands are fine too.

So firstly you should exfoliate your whole body. Some people say the day before you apply is best. Make sure you are specific with areas like your ankles, feet and wrists.

Do not put moisturiser on your whole body before you apply tan.

Secondly, apply moisturiser to your dry areas like cuticles, underside of wrists etc. Wait a few mins then wipe the excess off with a cloth. I like to keep extra on my cuticles though cause I find it catches there.

Now you apply the tan. Use the sponge or mitt to apply smooth strokes on your body. I usually ask someone to do my back, as even with my lanky-ass arms it is too hard to reach!

When you’re done wait till tan is completely dry. I usually use a hair dryer and speed up the process a little.

So here is the important part of the procedure: You must exfoliate every day! This is the best piece of advise I’ve had for tanning. It really works. It prevents that gross flaking and patching and you just smoothly transition back into ghost-town instead of looking like you have a fungal infection.

I highly recommend moisturising daily too, as that will also help with dry skin. My favourite moisurisers are from L’Occitane.



dry brush

So hopefully after this everyone will be giving Gisele a run for her Brazil-tanned money!


Mel xo


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