White Shirt and Jeans Style



I’m a self-confessed lover of simple style with the button-down/jeans combination as definitely one of my favourite looks. I liken it to the fancier version of a white shirt and jeans.

As I’ve mentioned, growing up I loved seeing candids of women such as Elle Macpherson and Elizabeth Hurley in their shirt/jeans looking effortlessly chic. My super-tall and stylish aunty always looked great with this look too.

When I was younger, I felt the look was too mature for me. Once I got to my later teens, however, I realised I could pull it off. Sorta.

Anyway, I decided to put a little more effort into my daywear today, away from the usual slack yoga pants or jeans and oversized knit.

I bought these Nobody jeans a couple of months ago actually thinking they were black! Turns out they’re navy, but I love them as much as I would’ve if they had been what I was truly after.

The shirt I bought spur of the moment a few days ago from Witchery when I noticed it was marked down to $20. I think it was cute with the pinstripes…so why not! And at $20 you can’t really go wrong.

The shoes remained casual still, I love to get around uni in my Birkenstocks!

Now, I am definitely not a stylist by any stretch of the imagination, but I think if you’re a “giraffe” (tall) you can get away with the over-sized shirt with jeans/other bottoms more easily due to your length. It doesn’t swamp you as much. Smaller frames may benefit from a slightly different length. But that’s just my personal opinion.


So anyway, my boyfriend stalked me today and took some pics. They turned out kind of cute considering the minimal effort involved so I decided to put them up!

cafepick original






Mel xo





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