Lusty Spring Wishlist: Beauty, Hair Care and Fashion

I know we’re only a week or so into spring, but a few cute additions won’t go astray.

My 8 item wishlist for September goes something like this…

  1. Cute Crossover H&M Slides: I’m not really a fan of thongs (they seem to hurt my feet, plus – have you seen my toes?!) So these are like the cuter, younger cousin to Birkenstocks.


2. NARS Lippies: I love the bright colours!

Nars lippy


3. Rough Rugs “dress” £149: Okay, when I first saw this I thought it was a cute top. But I am seriously obsessed with this little number from Rough Rugs! Also available in red.



4. Love Storey Boutique Kaftan $43.40: For the majority of us who don’t have a perfect Candace Swanepoel bikini rig (I certainly do not!), a kaftan is nice for a cover-up, even if just to keep a little warm between dips. It is also no where near as expensive as buying an overpriced Camilla version.




5. Hair Care: Sun and water spell disaster for your hair if you indulge too much. I love these three items below. Kerastase is my go-to for all hair care, it’s like gold. My newly discovered mask by Hello Hair is nice to use once a week for people who style their hair regularly and swim a lot. Muk hair serum contains argan oil and makes your hair look and smell amazing when you smooth it over your ends.



6. Wotnot Sunscreen: I fricken LOVE this stuff. Some people might find it greasy, but I think it’s the nicest texture for a sunscreen to use on your face. It’s also vegan, so isn’t tested on animals, fragrance-free for sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any nasty nanoparticles that possibly do more harm than good in sun protection.



7. Seed Heritage Shoes: Cute Espradilles and sneakers in various prints and metallic designs. A nice change up from the standard cons.

seed shoes



8. One Teaspoon Le Hunt Super Trackies: Being tall (Giraffe), I often can’t find jeans long enough. Ankle-freezers tend to be the norm. I love these “trackies” as they can be worn casually and hitched up.


one teaspon

Mel xo


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