You Had Me At Hello! Hello Hair’s Hydrating Mask



I think we all desire healthy, luscious locks. Although acquiring them is the battle most of us sadly lose (first world problems).

In today’s over-styled, over-coloured lifestyle, hydrated hair is generally exclusive to Disney movies (Rapunzel, i’m looking at you).

I’ve had my fair share of hair horror stories. After having dyed my hair literally every colour of the rainbow, the final straw came a few years ago when a hairdresser decided to fry my already brittle strands down to mush. This was during the days of my “half-head of foils” phase.

My hair was so frazzled I looked like a scarecrow. Not the best look.

After a good hack and a vow to never bleach again, I left my hair as is for the next two years and learned two things:

  1. Mum was right, lighter hair did not suit me and
  2. Colouring your hair is damn expensive

All was not lost, however, as it wasn’t until after that that I realised the hair colour I was blessed with was actually the most flattering and healthy. Shocking, I know.

Fast-forward a few years and I’ve coloured my hair I think twice in that whole time. I also have an OCD obsession with split-ends and cutting my hair regularly has actually allowed it to grow nicely.

So getting back to the reason we’re here: Hello Hair’s delicious Hydrating Mask works wonders for frazzled ends!

I used some today after my package arrived in the post and I’ve been impressed with the results.

The mask smells absolutely wonderful. Okay, yes, I realise intoxicating scent is not conducive to hydrated hair, but the overall appeal is heightened by the island-holiday aroma.

Hello Hair’s mask is made of coconut, almond, argan, olive and caster oils plus olive leaf extract for strengthening and repair. I put it on my hair which was dry as instructed, and gave myself a lovely scalp massage before covering with my grandma shower-cap for about an hour.

After washing the oil out, my hair felt refreshed and looked shiny. It was also useful with brushing out any knots which had accumulated in my hair over the weekend.

I have used straight coconut or macadamia oil in my hair as a treatment before but sometimes they just make your hair feel oily and are a bitch to rinse out. The texture of Hello Hair’s mask seems to be a little lighter and easier to wash.

The mask provides around three applications and at $15, I’ll definitely be ordering from the Melbourne based brand again soon!

Mel xo


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