Australian Spring Style Has Sprung

So it’s September now, which means away with the knits and in with the florals…. Or is it?

As many are aware, I am a lover of the dreary. Winter makes me happy and scorching sun does not.

Alas, I have no option. It is time to think about the coming season of sun!

Now, I know what you’re all thinking…Anna Wintour Miranda Priestly said it best in The Devil Wears Prada with her line, “Florals for spring. Groundbreaking.”

Florals may be “in”, yet this time they’re abstract. Softer and blurred varieties are edgier and less “spring” cliché.

muted floral


Stripes are huge, continuing on from last season’s horizontal stripe obsession and including pinstripes and diagonal styles.


faithful the brand

I’m liking the new folds, prominent at Australian fashion week earlier this year. I’m not sure if “fold” is the correct term, but whatever they are they’re featured everywhere from shirts to dresses. Ruffles were heavy also.

I am enjoying this new take on the summer dress, even if I am personally into more sleek styles. Time to venture away temporarily perhaps?



Another favourite of mine is the alternative take on the “man shirt.” As a lover of clothes with a slightly androgynous edge, I naturally own several button-downs and wear them year round. It’s a look I admired as a young girl on the likes of Elle Macpherson and Liz Hurley, effortlessly stylish in jeans and shirts.

newwhiteshirt elle

This season still sees the wardrobe-essential as a season stalwart – with a twist. Designs are boxier and veering from the classic tailored shape. My favourite so far was spotted at Ginger and Smart with an open front and longer back.


As for colours; beautiful, feminine pastels were seen everywhere and prints are still appearing prominently. Great news for me since I’m unnecessarily overloaded with printed pants (when in Rome, right?!).

zac posen pastel

Mel xo




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