Jewellery For A Good Cause: Tinkeredby

tinkeredby2 tinkeredby3 tinkeredy

My good friend, Georgia, recently introduced me to Tinkeredby (thanks G!), absolutely stunning jewellery from East Africa. The pieces are handmade with materials such as recycled glass and cow bone.

There’s also an Australian link, with the two owners being sisters from Down Under.

I’m always on the hunt for unique jewellery and chunky pieces. Although I’m more into minimalist fashion, when I do wear jewellery, I like it to be a statement.

Tinkeredby fits that mould perfectly!


The concept began when the two Australian sisters, Kate and Rachael, started the business to support themselves and the talented artisans in East Africa. The line helps boost trade and improve the financial sustainability for the local artisans.

The pieces are reasonably priced and are versatile to wear, easily transferable between day and night attire.

I own a few bracelets, rings, earrings and my favourite “spoon” necklace made from cow bone (so cute!).

Tinkeredby “Spoons” necklace



Affordable, unique and supporting a good cause? Sounds like a good excuse for purchase to me!

Tinkeredby delivers to Australia through their online store or available for trunk show hire.

Mel xo


2 thoughts on “Jewellery For A Good Cause: Tinkeredby

  1. Thanks Mel!! Glad you love your bits from Tinkered by! Thanks very much for the write up…much appreciated! We are creating a look book over here in Kenya at the moment for our Trunk Shows…next year we want to do one in Australia…Interested in being the model?? You look fantastic in our product! Thanks again. x

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