The Art of the Clumpy Lash: Mascara application on a budget



I have a thick lashes obsession.

Perhaps being part Giraffe it comes with the territory.

I recently heard eyes are the “boobs of the face,” perhaps the 21st century version of the ol’ “windows to your soul” cliché.

Either way, lashes clearly play a role in the continued allure.

Maybe it’s once again my laziness when it comes to styling myself, but there is just something about spider lashes I’ve always loved. The fact you require little technique to apply it and an even littler bank balance possibly adds to the appeal.

For me personally, its all about the clumps. I’m not much of a 60s enthusiast, however, I do love the OTT mascara lashing on the likes of Twiggy (see pic).



I’ve tried several brands of mascara, although I regularly find myself back where it all began. A makeup artist once recommended Maybelline Full ‘N Soft in blackest black and it’s still one of my faves today.

I have recently started layering both the Mega Plush Volum’ Express and Full ‘N Soft for the more dramatic look (perhaps best kept to night time fun!).

Don’t bother with the waterproof version though – you literally can’t get that stuff off.

megaplush fullnsoft


So my application goes something like this…

You’re going to need three things: cotton tips, mascara and either makeup remover or moisturiser.

If you put eyeshadow or powder on your eyes/face and a little drops on your eyelashes –  keep it there! It adds extra thickness.

Next, layer up your lashes without wiping any excess off the brush. Instead of smoothing out clumps for a classic look, just keep adding on.

Be careful not to look up as you’ll end up with black dots on your brows (I’ve ended up leaving the house like this several times). This is where the cotton tips and eye-makeup remover come in.

I then wait for it to dry and add more. Often with a second mascara brush. At the moment I’m using both Maybelline varieties.

How dramatic you want to go is your choice, but the glory in this look is it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Mel xo





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