Let me introduce myself…


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Hi guys!

So, as corny as it sounds, I figured since this is my first official post I should say something about who I am.

Bringing my journalistic skills to the fore, I thought I would self-interview myself to get the ball rolling.


me and dog st

My name is Melissa, Mel, Melly, or whichever variety you choose.

I am currently living in Perth, Western Australia, although I have lived in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Townsville (yeah, I know). I’m on my way to finishing a double major in public relations and journalism.

I’ve played basketball at a decent level on and off since I was six. I was a full-time model interstate and overseas until I realised living on a lettuce leaf was not my idea of fun. That’s not to say I don’t love fashion and beauty and looking at beautiful images still.

This blog will mainly consist of things I love and hopefully help out other fellow “Giraffes” who struggle to find sleeves long enough, shoe sizes in the 40s, jeans that aren’t capris and so on. I do not claim to be an authority on fashion, I post what I like and my opinions are purely my own.

I will also feature varieties of food, sports, fashion and product reviews as I am a MASSIVE hair and beauty product junkie!!!

Everything I say is intended to be light-hearted and hopefully inspire with different ideas and outlooks and all things I post about.

More to come!

Chat soon!


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